History of Minotti

Established over sixty years ago at the end of the second world war, minotti was once a small craft workshop. Under the leadership of initial founder Alberto Minotti, the family business has developed over the years into a universally acknowledged furniture brand known as Minotti s.p.a, recognised for its one-of-a-kind products. Now a second-generation family business, Renato and Roberto Minotti are responsible for the growth of the company into an international brand of luxury that is available in 59 countries. They are constantly interpreting the evolution and changes in lifestyles that are promptly translated into demands for real products, ensuring that they continue setting the benchmark for the interior design industry.

Made in Italy

A unique blend of tradition and technology is what sets Minotti apart in terms of production. Minotti’s products are craft-finished, while making the most of everything that is offered by industry, with a view to achieving the highest tailoring standard, strictly and genuinely Italian made. This is made possible by the company’s long craft history, through highly professional dealers’ proven skills and expertise as matched with the state-of-the-art working machines, which result in high-precision, mechanised cutting, and trained artisans are the name for remarkable sensitivity and unparalleled expertise in refining details, approaching sofas as finely tailored products. Expert hands producing quality, hands guided by passion, creativity, and skills. Hands respectful of tradition and capable of controlling technology. Hands proud of developing Italian made products.